7 Benefits Of Not Using Social Media.

Hey Guys, As it’s my Reborn as Blogger I going to start with my favourite topic i.e. Distance from Social Media Platform.

I know it’s very very difficult for us to maintain a distance with Social Media now a days but it’s not Impossible though. I wish beside having my CMA Firm in Future, I also wants to work for people to teach them about social media platform. In short I wants to open Consultancy Firm as well as my Professional Firm too.

Many of you won’t believe that I am not available on any Social Media Platform since the last 2 years. Is am not human? Is I don’t have feelings? Is am I not going to survive from it? Is am old fashion or Say Is My thoughts are Evil? Everything is possible all you need is a Will, a Strong Hammer Will. Before innovation of technology have you heard people are dying because of non avilability of it? No then why this stupid box is so much important for you?!

Anyways Following benefits will surely help you to recognise that what is bad and what is Really Good.

1. Happiness of Family:- Yes, it really matters if you loved your family and love to spend time with your family. In many families there’s a problem of one kind or another that their kid always stuck to their smartphones, instead of to replied their parents, they are looming in desires to get something very big. They ignore their parents and do whatever they wants to do. So in short if you are not connected to social media, You’ll may find the real happiness, which is rare.

2. Time Flaxibility:- Yes, this is the best than the rest of all. If you are continuosly stuck to social media platform, it’ll jam your brain and you won’t find interest at anywhere. It’s better to utilize maximum time rather than to waste it for some jerky-punky stuffs. And as it’s said If you waste your time Today, Then Time’ll going to waste your Tomorrow definitely. Be productive enough rather than to be mule peasant.

3. Real Interaction with World:- Yes, you read it right, by giving space to yourself in this world, you’ll interact with the world. Don’t know what that 5-6′ box has in it, that people forgot to live the life in their own way. It’s like human not operate smartphones, smartphone operates human. Checking notification again n again, be panic in small difficulties makes the human more weak. Instead of that if you really wants gain the knowledge then meet new people everyday. And as it’s said Life Never stop Teaching then why to stop ourselves. Besides that 5-6′ Box, there’ so much to live, so much to be happy and so much to be yourself.

4. No Jealousy:- Yes, don’t believe then try to stop checking others life updates for few days. You’ll soon find the answer. Yes by engaging on social media is good but through it felt jealousy isn’t good though. Many people just want to change their life by noticing others success but they really don’t know what they people did it to achieve it. If they can do then may be you can too but if it’s not possible for you then why to feel jealous? People go mad and do that what they actually doesn’t want to do. Reaaly disastrous!!!

5. No Pressure to Reply:- It’s said that if you are active on social media platform then there’s such kind of pressure or say formality to reply the messages or notifications. We can’t ignore even text of someone then how can we ignore the social media pop ups?? While on the other side if you are offline you got the space for yourself which rarely provides social media. Yeah it’s good upto certain level but after that you, yourself becomes victim of your illusion.

6. Good for Health:- No I am not joking or kidding, study proves that people who less active on these platforms, are strong by mentally & by physically too. The people who active on Social media platform for late night causes too many disease. People going to be crazy, short tempered, insane and depressed. Ratina of eyes became weaker and that leads too many problems like headache, panic and felt alone in crowd. Sometimes people harrased by someone and suicide/rapes/owner killing/money londering/murder cases comes into existence. So it’s upto you whether you want to be a Saviour or Loser.

7. Your Privacy is Safe and Secure:- The less you share your private information to this platform, the more you are Safe and secured. In today’s world your little mistake will cause you more, even your brain can’t going to image it. Really your one silly mistake and your whole life is going to be changed along with your family members. Many won’t believe that from last year to till date data of biggest social media platform users i.e.Facebook is leaked for 4- 5 times lonely. So be make sure while updating your profiles on social media. You’re nowhere safe then how can you trust this platforms?!

So that’s all for the day, hope you like it and keep suggesting better way if any, if you think is good for mankind.

Suggestions should be welcomed @divyangrajput97@gmail.com

27 thoughts on “7 Benefits Of Not Using Social Media.

  1. Nice post. If a thing is used in a limit, it’s okay but excess of anything is bad. Time is the most important thing in life. Social media, internet, WhatsApp wastes people’s maximum time. Once the time is gone, it’s gone, it won’t come back and people are not understanding it.

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  2. I was in need of this thpe of stuff. Though I’m not on Facebook, twitter or Instagram but I use whatsapp and YouTube but seriously sometimes i feel like I am trapped in these things. Really social media has made our life terrific.
    Very nice blog posts.
    Keep writing 😊

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  3. Great post! I completely agree! Social media can be beneficial but balance is definitely needed. I’ve removed myself from all platforms other than WordPress and I have so much more time, self-esteem, positive body image, etc. I saw this video entitled “Be Social Media Smart” (here’s a link: https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&docid=502014276&srcid=share). It really helped me to see much of what you mentioned in your post. We can waste so much time liking other lives that we forget to live our own. Thanks for this reminder.

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  4. Really good post😀💐🌼
    Social media actually eats up most of the precious and productive time of one’s life. Thus pulling each and everyone of us away from each other instead of connecting everyone.

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  5. I agree with this post.
    I the past I have been so very keen on hi5, and then Facebook and then other platforms, until I figure it out.
    We lose energy, time and money to prove out to strangers or “friends” from our life things that may not even be real.
    Now the only reason of why I use Facebook is because of work groups.
    Thank you for sharing and have a great day! 🙂

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  6. Social media excellent for networking. However, in a twist of irony applications intended to facilitate remote socialization tends to engender alienation.
    I can certainly see the benefits listed here of putting down the damn cell phones. As intimate social structures such as families are feeling the adverse effects of our societal addiction to social media/smart phone addictions.

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