Back From Break

Hey Guys, What’s up? As I told you to before am going on a break that it seems like Impossible for me to get back on this platform, but here I made a Comeback.

As Am not engage with people (Because of Non availavlability on Social Media Platform) So I soon realize that am gonna bore by daily routine & gonna become Introvert more n more.

I really miss this family and that’s the reason I came back. Though many find that am pretended to go on a break but literaly I was not in position to carry out so many things on one boat.

As a Proffessional I’ve to be punctual and that leads me to this platform again. This platform gives wings to many bloggers like me, Once they find the path, then even thousands of barriers are not enough to stop’em.

I can’t expose more which actually this platform provide me when am active on it. So I decided to turn back. I know it’s going to be difficult to post daily but now I’ll try to post a blog once or twice in a week.

And Yeah I also Noticed that my new MFM challenge not working well so I think to move on from that and start from there where actually I master in (i.e. Social Issues n all). So basically my posts are related to that. So be ready for new doze, It’ll be thrill and Adventurous journey.

Stay Connected Stay Healthy…

12 thoughts on “Back From Break

  1. Welcome back. It is a bit addicting, the family, our community of supportive and loving artists. Writing is a need we have and it is a release but no longer into the void for many of us. We have others who are kind enough to read or listen. I am glad your back. Love ❀️ J

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  2. Yes you are right, It’s one kind of addiction – Don’t know Bad or good but yeah the one who loves to share things with world is always going to miss this platform. BTW thank you…


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