“MFM Challenge (B’wood) : Chup chup ke

Hey Guys, What’s Up? Hope everything is well. Anyways let’s quick start our today’s MFM challenge from C. After giving review on couple of socialistic movie, today I come up with you more entertaining genre.

Chup Chup Ke, what’s first thought come in your mind when you read the Title of Movie? Sounds very strange, but that’s the reality of Indian Cinema that Movie title very much based on plot of Movie. You guess the Movie plot by it’s title but that’s not 100% true although. Anyways let me start,

Basically The Movie Chup Chup Ke is Comedy Drama Film. Not so much action rather than one two scenes in addition to no suspense – thrill type movie, But that’s the speciality of Director Priyadarshan, who known for making Comedy Movies like Hera Pheri Series, De Dana Dan, Dhol Hungama, Hulchul, Bhagambag, Bhul bhulaiya etc.

This Movie has Starcast like Shahid Kapoor (Jeetu), Kareena Kapoor Khan (Shruti), Neha Dhupia (Minakshi), Sunil Shetty (Mangal), Paresh Raval (Gundya), Rajpal Yadav (Bandya), etc.

Jeetu always creates problem for himself and for his father due to his inability of Money Control that’s why they found themselves in difficulties all the time. The burden of debt is increased day by day, so one day Jeetu tries to commit suicide by throwing himself into the sea but two fishermen namely Gundya & Bandya saves him and later they both comes to know about his situation.

Jeetu distinguished himself into mute and deaf person when Pratap Singh take over Gundya’s boat, lone source of Gundya’s Income. So Gundya present Jeetu as his Nephew & leave both of them to Pratap Singh’s house as Guarantee.

That one scene of “Haa Mare Ghaghro Choli Joie Che” makes too much fun, played by Bandya. On the other hand Shruti niece of Pratap Singh, fall in love with Jeetu. Minakshi, her cousin, helps her by recognise her acting that what she actually wants to say.

That kind of Humar makes so much fun in the Movie. Songs and Music is not bad though but one should cut that scenes to enjoy the Movie.

The Climax is outstanding, what to say about it. The scenes were really captured well. You find it very funny when you watch.

Overall a Great Comedy Drama Movie, one should not upset by it. The acting of Shahid Kapoor as Mute & deaf guy, Rajpal Yadav’s Comic Scene, everything is worthwatching.

I recommend this movie not because I like it but if you are really like to watch comedy drama then add it to your watchlist. It’s great family entertainment.

5 thoughts on ““MFM Challenge (B’wood) : Chup chup ke

  1. Have watched this movie more than 10 times I guess, but this always makes me laugh. Especially the scene when Paresh Rawal hide the iron under his shirt 😂

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  2. I’m so going to have a hard time keeping up with your MFM list. I have a hard time fitting in 90min American movies, and these have been twice as long. … That being said this was very funny, and the love story twist was interesting. The whole marriage system seems so dramatic and complicated-not that I didn’t know some of that. It just seems there are so many ways it can go so horribly wrong. I’m glad he ended up with a genuine love and his childhood girl became his best friend. I’m also glad he found the courage to tell the truth to everyone, because he realized that even though he meant no harm, his lies still hurt. That is a very real affect we have to face and make right. Good morals, drama and laughs with plenty of slap-stick comedy. So many requests and turns it definitely kept moving. Thank you.


  3. Glad, you watch the entire movie.. but also suggest please don’t watch if you don’t have time, i just recommend so that people watch in their idle time & feel refreshed. Again thank you for your words…


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