MFM Challenge (B’wood) : Baazigar

Hey folks, What’s up? It’s almost weekend, so whatever your plans do share with me. A day of hectic schedule finally comes to an end. I just realize that am not good in reviewing film, bloggers seen my post but not respond it, please share your views if am wrong at anywhere. It’ll helps both of us, I won’t in greed of likes on my post but I just make sure that whatever I post, It’ll help people to get best out of it so please keep in touch.

Anyways let’s comeback to our today’s MFM Challenge from B. Let me tell first Have you seen the Movie BAAZIGAR? If not, then don’t worry am here to give answer of your all question. Any idea about what it mean by BAAZIGAR? I don’t think so to give you more introduction about movie as There’s Millions of fans present everywhere in World, of Shah Rukh Khan aka SRK aka King of Romance. And from that fanbase I don’t think they missed this Epic Movie, haven’t you?

Baazigar, is typically one type of Crime-Thriller Movie. Starring Shah Rukh Khan (Ajay Sharma) in Male leads, with Kajol (Priya) and Shilpa Shetty (Seema) in Female leads. Film consists of veteran actress like Rakhee Gulzar and actors Dalip Tahil too along with many others.

Movie starts with a Ajay Sharma, who seeks to take a revenge of his father’s death and their downfall to poverty which was a result of the actions of his fathers’s trusted employee Madan Chopra, so he decided to take revenge, a bloody revenge from those who responsible for their situation.

Firstly Ajay distinguished in Vicky Malhotra, he charms both Seema and Madan Chopra but later on her father arranged her marriage with someone else. On the other hand as Ajay, he trapped Chopra’s another daughter Priya in his love affair. Vicky testified the love of Seema and proposed her to marry him which was part of his Revenge and pushes her off the roof and murdered her. In police inquiry the case was closed as Note that Seema commits Suicide. I’ll leave this suspense on you that how Vicky so easily escaped from this crime because when you watch the movie you’ll find it soon.

Priya, the younger sister of Seema won’t believe that her sister committed suicide so she started investigation with her college friend and police officer. Slowly slowly story keeps ahead with so much thrill, none for a second feel bored that the screenplay and story is written very well. Later on Priya engages Vicky or say Ajay.

After Intermission, real story begins. You find everything from here that you wants to know why Ajay distinguished as Vicky Malhotra, why he vows to pay Madan Chopra, why people started to chanting King of Romance after watching this movie, how Hero becomes villain of the Movie itself still people never forgot SRK’s masterclass in dark role.

Songs and Background score (Music) is the heartbeat of Movie. And what about Dialogues!!!! I don’t find any words to describe how awesome the dialogues were. “Kabhi Kabhi jeetne k liye kuch haarna bhi padta hain, Aur harkar jeetne wale ko Baazigar kehte hain.” Really means this types of dialogues were the soul of the Movie. You’ll find many more when you watch it.

Climax is the main part of Director Abbas – Mustan, you find many suspense and thrill from them likewise you may find from their other Movies too like Race series, Naqaab, Humraaz, Ajnabee etc. One thing for sure that after watching this movie. you won’t feel like wasting of time though this movie length is almost above 3 hours.

Though am not a big fan of SRK But Overall a great Movie with everything, you wish from an Indian Cinema of that time. And lastly one question to you, Can you find out one thing that people don’t like about the Movie though that’s the best part of this Movie and without it movie won’t succeed as it was actually that what I believe. I’ll give you a clue, It’s the last scene of Movie.

Keep share your view on My Review of Movie Baazigar. Suggestions should be welcomed at

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