MFM Challenge (B’wood) : Aarakshan

Hey guys, what’s up? Hope you all doing Great. As I announced my upcoming plans in previous blog, here I come up to you with a aim to give a good social message via Film Review. Might be this will going to help Bollywood industries who gives us in hundreds of movies a year and still passed unnoticed from Global eyes. So here I started to relive it via my blog channel.

So let’s start by Alphabetical Series in ascending order.

Aarakshan, Means a Reservation for the people who are come from backward areas/belongs to backward classes or say they have very low income in comparison of others to survive. So Government Provide them special privileges to compete with others in many ways. So basically our blog is fully depends on it.

“Tagline Says All Itself, India vs India.”

Prakash Jha, A well known producer who known for his Political- Socio Movies like Raajneeti, Satyagrah, Chakravyuh and many more. Aarakshan is also his one of the most criticized movie like others. But this time as a Director he shows his masterclass with Title Aarakshan. Reservation is the most critical topic, to film it out but he really done a great job with the help of Legendary Amitabh Bachchan (Dr.Anand) , Manoj Bajpayee (Mithilesh), Saif Ali khan (Deepak Kumar), Deepika Padukone, Pratiek Babbar (Sushil) & others.

When there’s a this kind of Star cast, we already believe that film will surely hit a Mark, but above all that daydream, film not get proper attention what it seeks to be. What I really like about this movie is the Acting of Saif Ali khan as a Man who comes from a lower caste of society and his fighting spirit.

Movie starts with Energetic scene where Deepak kumar (Saif Ali khan) is judged by his caste and not by his Knowledge & Performance by members of Interview panel for the selection of Teacher’s post of affluent school & then start the real beginning of the topic.

Moreover I like about this movie is the Dialogue Writing, which is the heart of this Movie. You will find this type of writing in all of his (Prakash Jha) movies. There’s a scene where some people chalk it out on canteen’s wall that Aarakshan hamara janmsidhdha Adhikar hain (Reservations is our Bornright) which is changed by Pratiek Babbar into Khairat hamara janmsidhdha Adhikar hain (Charity is Our Bornright). That whole scene is well directed whether it’s patchy dialogues – a class acting & conversation of arguments among Pratiek-Saif & Manoj Bajpayee.

After Intermission I feel like Movie gets little bit slow down for some minutes, but after that it again pick its speed, many things happens in quick succession but as the length of movie is around 3 hours one can understand it easily that what actually the film is suppose to say. Order of SC to give Reservation to the lower cast – the rude argument between Sushil & Deepak and interfere of Dr. Anand, the misrepresentation of Dr.Anand’s opinion pressed in Newspapers headline which leads the resignation of him from S.T.M. School, then the appointment of Mithilesh as Principal of S.T.M. & many more events.

Climax is average but not as good in my opinion. I still not understand the role of Deepika Padukone in this film, nothing much from her besides of one-two lines. There’s happening many unbelievable things which might be go bounce on one’s understanding. May be that’s the reason people not accept it as not the fully cover of issues.

I’ll recommend you as one time watch Movie, But if you are interested in politics or social issues then please add this into your wishlist. Though Prakash Jha tried his best to give us best but as said “Movie is incomplete if you serve incomplete.”

Anyways one question to you Is Reservation Right in your Opinion? or Should everyone give an equal opportunities? Feel free to share your opinion.

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9 thoughts on “MFM Challenge (B’wood) : Aarakshan

  1. I haven’t finished watching as I squeeze it in-between clients, but so far I find it very interesting. I do feel everyone should be given equal chances, yet often attitude is very important. One can be very intelligent and hinder themselves by their attitudes and another can be less gifted with talents but work hard enough to overcome any limitations. Everyone should be given equal opportunity and what they do with it should be their determining factor.

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  2. I finally finished watching it, it took me 2 days in 20-30min chunks. Very good, but it brought many thoughts to mind, so I’m going to make a post- probably long one – on it. Thank you for the recommendation.

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