Zigzag: The Ups & Down of Life

Hey guys, What’s up? Hope you all doing Great. Finally a Last word of my Alphabetical series blog, a long 26 days journey will going to finish today. Btw I think to extend this series by Alphabetical order but for that you have to wait for my next blog. I’ll going to explain everything and also share stats from my Alphabetical series blog with you.

Anyway let’s comeback to our today’s topic, about the situation of Mankind. Have you seen the Movie Race? Starring Saif Ali khan – Katrina Kaif – Akshaye Khanna – Bipasa Basu, a good suspense cum thriller Movie that for a second you never feel bored. Series of suspense will stuck you to the movie. There’s so much up-down in the movie but at last as we all know, Truth always Won.

Likewise same situations will come and go in our life. There’s come a good time, followed by bad time too. No one in this world is fully happy or say there is no one in this world who never experienced the exam of GOD. Because it’s a law of Nature that Too much happiness is also going to kill a Man.

“At a Moment You are Up and at the next you go down.” Life is full of that Uncertainties

Billionaires always face the challenges of the world to stay on Top Forever, Rich man was played in the ground of Greed and Poor always think for bright future rather than to live better Today. All that means People has to maintain a healthy relationship with laws of Nature.

The person who become Insane/Mad in Good time will always going to regret about their deeds and on the other hand the person who easily give up in Bad time will always blame God that they treated unfairly. In short if you forget who you are, then GOD will always going to assist you.

Zigzag, have you ever closely observe it? A pattern line, which ups and down simultaneously after a small small interval. Same happen with our life but there’s a slight difference between our life and zigzag pattern that We never know when the good time Start and when the bad time comes to an End.

But whatever happens one thing is sure that you never go Injustice in the court of GOD. It’s a said that,

“Behind Each and Every Bright Morning, There’s a DEEP & DARK Night.”

“Your life is just not life only it’s the blank book and you have to made it worth Saleable.”

We People as human face many difficulties in Life but after all that situation Creates a Strong Human, who pampered the guts to fight in every situations. They never give up easily, They better chose to lose themselves but never compromise with their Life spirit.

Look as we all took birth as Human then these obstacles are Normal, you should have to find the rid of it before God settled down any decision against yourself. Be ready to fight till your last breath rather than to live the begged Life. Never begged for your life to anyone.

If you ever think that God did Injustice to you then wait for the right time and right decision, you’ll receive your reward sooner. As said, Good things take Time, wait for a Moment and then make your next move.

Life is full of Uncertainities, it’s like Mystry box of God, No one never know what is come out from that. You have to Just wait for the right time to open it.

And lastly,

“If there’s a Will, There’s Way.”

d_vyang_talks ©

Really it’s been a Tremendous journey with all of you guys. I just don’t want to separate with this precious family but as said Anything can be happen. (कल किसने देखा).

I will come back to you with more great idea and also going to tell you about my new challenge in next blog along with stats of Alphabetical series blog challenge. So till Bbbyee….

5 thoughts on “Zigzag: The Ups & Down of Life

  1. Good things take time, wait for a moment and then make your next move.
    Wow – love the way you write and explain.
    Well – that series is really Awesoke!
    You gave done a great job!!
    I really like your captions on images.
    Keep it Up!
    Happiness and sunshine on your way!! 😇

    Liked by 1 person

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