YOLO: You Only Live Once

Hey fellows, What’s up? Hope you all had a great weekend. Time flies really, I mean just a month ago I started to write a blog and then a new challenge of Alphabetical Series blog was began & today just 2 of them are left. All that means a True love of yours. Thank you so much guys. Really Glad to have you as my blogging family.

Anyways let’s move on to today’s Topic, A wonderful topic that everyone gonna love it. So let’s start,

“YOLO Life – SOLO Life..”

What you mean by LIFE? Any special definition? Not at all. How we live the Life itself is its Definition. So basically it’s up to us that how we gonna live the life, right. I’ll explain in more depth,

LIFE: A Beautiful Gift of God, Which was given/shared with an Expiry date. Although God’s all creation is having an Expiry date. Because no one is immortal, all will be reached their ultimate destination sooner or later.

If God has provide you a life with this wonderful creation of their own art then why to spoil it out? A beautiful and glittering nature, A lovely birds and pets in that nature, Different shades of nature & more over a LIFE to live.

God never told you to ruin out your life. Their duty is almost over after giving us a life, Now It’s our turn how fairly we deal with it. If you did good to others then your life will got Happy ending like Movies and If you did harm to others during your period then you can never imagine how worse will your life gone!!!

I firmly believed that LIFE is very precious, if you got the one then believe me there’s hidden message of GOD to sent you on this world as Human. You should have to live your own life rather than to look into others’ matters.

Make Value of your life. Because life is like time, it never come back once it was passed. There’s so much to live. Live fully that at least one satisfaction after death, YOU REALLY LIVE THE LIFE.

Life is very much similar to Bowler of Cricket Game. If you Missed I Hit, likewise life is given to you then make a best out of it then you were never regret that you never got the chance to shine.

For me LIFE Means,
Live It Fully & Freely Till the Ends.

Always remember YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, life is all about that one chance – tried to hit Maximum. If you going to out then you never got the second chance.

Live the life like There is No Better Tomorrow, All you have is Great Moments Today.

Btw am not going to disclose my last Topic, it’s a secret. So Keep calm.

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7 thoughts on “YOLO: You Only Live Once

  1. Great post …. really inspiring ..!!
    But I believe tht we live daily .. until one day we die .. We should make the most of every day.. ..!! 🌼

    Liked by 2 people

  2. β€œFor me LIFE Means,
Live It Fully & Freely Till the Ends”


    I love this and I totally agree! Life is ours to truly live, to truly love!


    Liked by 1 person

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