Hey fellows, What’s up? Hope you all doing great. Just three letters remained left from my Alphabetical series blog challenge including todays’ one.

You might think I wrote a wrong spell of Exchange but honestly said I’ve no clue or word to write on X, So I distinguish from eX- change to X-change. It’s make no difference whether I started from X/E. Even in UX, X stands for eXperience so why not I started it from X!! Anyways let’s move on to topic,

My today’s topic is dedicated to all the True Lovers of World who failure in their Love life by any of the reason, I just wants to say You are not Rejected – You just Deserve Someone Better than your eX.

“Failure of Love life Doesn’t Means Failure of Real Life.”

Ok let me tell first how many of you experienced the BreakUp or say passed from it? Many. Right? Yes coz It’s normal for people to break someone’s heart for someone/something.

“BreakUp: The End of Relationship without having Happy Ending.”

The person who was in relationship with each other were seems to be very happy but after breakup the same person will become biggest Enemy of each other.

Break up not only broke relations between people it going to break everything, whether it’s Sweet Memory – Heart – Beautiful Moments – Attachment – Obsession. Love between people almost over and a new object take place i.e Hate. But still when you remember him/her you started to Crying.

But is it the right Solution to cover the Truth? Don’t think so, Coz because of One people Our Life not going to Finish. You should have to find a better one. If he/she not cares you then Why you still attached to him/her? Why you still wants him/her back to pamper you?

Always say to yourself, “I know Am not Alone.”

Look everything is Replacable except one thing So why not to move on? I know this is very unusual feeling but what can you Do? Everything whay you wish to,

But please Don’t take any unnecessary steps just because of one people. There’s so much to live – You should consider yourself lucky enough that you got the chance to show your importance to that person who left you – to the world who laugh you.

Value yourself, if you don’t then whose going to be? Depression – Stress – Hate – Loneliness and Short tempered are just small barriers, remove it and be a Hero of your life.

If they wants to go them let then be, Something is yours then it’ll be yours Forever but Something is not yours then it’ll be Never be yours- even your thousands of efforts are not enough.

Be So Good that the person who left you going to Regret for losing you whole life. Always remember Nothing is important than yourself, Memorise one formula for the happy life of yourself,

Forget them Who Doesn’t Wants to Remember You.”

Btw following post will be from Y (YOLO : You Only Live Once).

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6 thoughts on ““X-Change.”

  1. Thank you. One thought of mine, can I add? What if, deep in your heart, you know they left because they were convinced it was the only thing they could choose. That they didn’t really want to. I was in that place and I chose to move on with my life, but leaving a trace of hope that they will find a way one day to see other options. Perhaps I am wrong, but despite my hurt and upset, I can’t blame them for anything, I know the challenge that was in front of them and I still feel love for him. I keep finding myself comparing it to a child that’s hurt their parent somehow. The parent doesn’t quit loving the child, merely gets upset for a while.

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  2. I totally agree ..!!! It happens ‘cus its not meant to be .. ppl gotta learn to move on .. be the best version of yourself … you deserve better ..!!! ๐Ÿ’œ

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