“Wrong Turn : End is Near.”

Hey Folks, hope you all doing great. It’s weekend almost so let me tell your plans in Comment Section.

Anyway let’s comeback to our today’s topic. What’s the first thought came in your Mind when you heard this word, ‘Wrong Turn’, please don’t tell me that bloody Movie Series, though it’s also one of my favourite in list. I know It’s sounds weird to first hear the word ‘Wrong Turn’, but really it matters in almost everyone’s life, So let’s start

Wrong Turn, the Word itself suggest your false decision making or say your hard luck regarding choices. Your one wrong decision and collapse of your kingdom/stardom started till its Worse. Your whole life changes after that.

“Many Path – Many Ways – One Destination, Choice is Yours.”

Path isn’t wrong but your Wrong Assumption or Anticipation guide you to the “Wrong Turn.”

As Human, we face many situations where we have to chose between so many options, The best one will give you everything and The worst one will take everything from you whether you happily surrender it or not.

That’s normal because afterall we are human. Look people are not fully happy with God, they have complain regarding many unsatisfied requirement which is not in their hand & when they can’t fulfill/achieve it they strated to blame the God,

Then how can someone fully satisfied from you? That wrong hope will leads people to the unsolved delusion. When people hurriedly make any decision then there’s very less chances to succeed in it because they have not proper knowledge about it and odd-even that how their decision will affect.

“Is it Right – Is it Wrong? Testify it.”

Emotions also plays an important part in people’s downfall.

The person who takes decision by Heart rather than Mind will always end up with Dust in hand.

While Decision making if there’s existence of Emotion and feeling then it made the Man blind, they can’t see and understand the truth. All they find is He/She is Right and Rest of all are Wrong or say others started to stop him/her to reach it’s ultimate destination.

Apparently we not wish that something bad is happen to us but as destiny is unavoidable, we do that which not wanted by us at all. There’s speciality of Bad time that it will never arrive with Planning but when it come, our whole life’s schedule was destroy by it.

We make many decision but it’s upto us how we make the best out of it, If something unplanned situation came then we have to ready with backup solution as Plan B.

Have you ever Experienced the Wrong Turn?

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