“Truth & Lie The Base of Trust.”

Hey Guys, Hope you all doing Great. Your response towards my post is really amazing, I just wants say Thank you for your love.

Anyway, Let’s march towards our today’s topic, another blog related to human feeling and emotion but it’s the most important amongst rest of my blogs, so let’s start

Trust is Hard to Gain but Easy to Ruin. Here I wants to add favourite Quote of my Ideal,

It’s take 20 years to Build a Reputation & 5 Minutes to Ruin it. -Warren Buffett

Relation is the Mixture of Two Words i.e. Real and Connection.

“I Never Lie, Itself is a big Lie.”

Have you ever tried to win the heart of people? Is it as easy as it seems? I don’t think so because People only trust on them to whom they feel comfortable/safe and well connected & How that connection stay long lasting?

Truth & Lie, the Best Parameter to judge how Strong your Connection is. There are many type of connections/relations that we people really rely upon it. It may be Business Connections – Social Relations – Friends Connections – Family Relations and many more like that but it’s wholly depends on how the both parties behave/react towards each other.

Trust is uppermost condition of any Successful Real Connection. One can never easily gain it coz people of this world is so selfish – egoistic – pompus and concieted.

In this World many less people has courage to say Truth and out of them only few has guts to heard it/listen it.Truth is like Poison, no one like to hear it and that’s the bitter Truth though.

On the other side people make a lie statement to others but they don’t know that, YOU MAY FIND THOUSAND WAYS TO HIDE THE TRUTH BUT TRUTH IS ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD THAN YOU.

Your one lie give birth to many more like that. You try to kill the TRUTH but as it is imperishable none survive from its wound. Lie told by those who feared of people, they just try to hide the truth but they don’t know their millions efforts are not enough to cover it.

“Truth Assemble People, Lie Differentiate it.”

Stronger your Connection by Doze of Trust rather than to Weaker it by Bundle of Whopper.

If any of the relations is based on that Fake Truth then believe me it not gonna stay much, sooner or later it going to brake that relation along with your feeling – obsession – love, all will be finished.

The relations whose root itself is weak then how can it handle the pressure, the pressure of Truth.

Always try to say the Truth only, if you don’t, then how could you expect same from the others? I know it’s easy to say but in Practicle life it’s much more difficult. We have to think about its odd-even / good-bad effect & then makes the correct decision.

People love to accept Lie because they don’t want to hear the TRUTH or say they are Thrall.

Be a Loser but Never be a Liar Coz the Label of Loser is Replacable but if you once prove a Liar then you always be a Liar.

The upcoming post will be from U (i.e. Unity is Dignity).

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