“Small is Beautiful.”

Hey Guys, What’s hope? Love to see the response of yours towards my previous blog about Social Issue. Love yaa All. Keep spreading Love.

Anyway let’s comeback to the today’s topic. The idea came in Mind when yesterday I was studying my Management book, there’s a One topic by E.F Schumacher ‘Small is Beautiful’, though his philosophy is fully based on Industrial Strategies and Management but here I tried to give Different shape to it. So let’s start,

Small, The Word itself Present its Prosperity and Quality. Behind Every Successful life of One there’s little flame in Heart to do Something New/ to do Something Unique.

“Small Galaxy’s Small World in Small Eyes.”

One can Never Achieve directly a Big Target without having Practicing of Little Stuff. If you did so you may gonna beaten badly. Success in Small stuffs means you are Ready to do Something Big. Failure in Small tasks mean you are Still Immatured for bigger Task.

Through Completing Small tasks We finally reach their where we wish to have. ‘Little thing Makes the Difference’ there’s nothing wrong in the sentence, if you don’t believe then Just image your body without Heart, yes you read the right- Heart, a small piece around 250-300 gramme but Controls the whole human Body.

There’s Reserved space in our Heart for those moments which we passed with our loved ones. We can’t erase it even we wants to do, Beacuse those Moments aren’t really a Moments – it’s the LIFE.

A Small Baby, Wow just Wonderful feeling of the World to have it – to see it. Their lit Hands – legs – laugh – fingers all are just amaze. Though all those small kids aren’t remain Wonderful by ageing, they all become an Idiot, but a Cute one…

The Lit cute Puppies, the Meows, the Parrots and the glittering rainbow fishes & butterflies are also decent Illustrators of God’s Small World.

“Quality Always Over Quantity.”

We people finds the happiness even in the little stuff, We convert the Smaller Moment into a Bigger and Bigger one into a Greatest one. That’s funda of better and best lifestyle of one.

You know who we are? Even we, Human are also the little piece of shit in this World unless n until we doesn’t have our own Personal Identity/status.

Management of big Enterprises know it better, the Importance of their Small Decision. They keeps eyeing on it before Declare anything. Otherwise a small mistake and Downfall of it Started till its Worse. Meanwhile the all areas are influenced by small things.

Your Smartphone, Someone’s Small Idea and the Revolution started in it. Literally Small things matter!!!

What You Prefer Quantity or Quality?

& Btw the Upcoming Post will be from T (i.e. Truth & Lie the Base of Trust).

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10 thoughts on ““Small is Beautiful.”

  1. Well defined boy πŸ‘πŸ‘ we can find happiness in everything it’s just a matter of how we see the world. Small things matters alot in our well-being. Stay blessed πŸ’ πŸ’

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