“Rape : The Modern Curse.”

Hey folks, Hope you all had a great Friendship weekend. But it’s Monday again, and the daily routine start again.

Shocked? By reading my todays’ blog’s Topic, but yeah we have to talk about it frankly and freely to know the ongoing issue that faces almost all countries of the World. It’s become necessary to include this topic in my Streak, so let’s start,

“Someone’s One Forceable Moment will Spoil her Whole Future.”

Rape – The word Itself is enough to show its cruelty. It’s become formality for those whose mentality is just out of the world and be Insane in Distortion.

For those to whom Rape is nothing but a routine task, they don’t know how life changes of victim after rape. That feeling of women who sexually harrased/assaulted by someone is known by no one. It passed out unnoticed. She broken fully and dwell in the pond of shame.

There are many reason behind it. May be for Revenge – May be to satisfy one’s hungerness – May be for one’s Distorted Mentality – Sometimes for enjoyment & sometime by agreement of both parties (live in relationship).

Child of this Generation is almost ahead of those who born in late 90’s, they got everything in little age and understand. But they just forget the right use of it. It’s said that Google has taken almost 20-30 years to reach 10 Millions Users and on the other side the online Porn sites has taken only Some days to reach that Milestone! Means wow!! Just Disgusting…

I remember one News when I was in 10th that In Afghanistan, a Man Raped a Woman – the man released and the victim got the punishment in prison where she give a birth to a child of rapist, later on she was pardon by PM of Afghan on condition of that she has to married that person, A Rapist.. Means are you really Human, Man?! Why you just can’t understand the simple language, the language of justice and why your eyes are blind folded?

“Might be She is Someone’s Daughter – Sister – Mother – Aunt but She isn’t a Toy.”

In today’s world, the ill of Rape increased day by day. I mean there’s almost 2-3 incidence of it in Newspaper daily, seems like without it Newspaper not going to finished. Seriously we are living in 21st Century!!!

Due to this Honour killing – Suisides – Gang Rapes – Population – all increased, just one thing is decline i.e.Safety of Woman.

I just remembered, The Nirbhaya Kand of Delhi – Talwar Family’s Tregedy of Noida – Jessica Lal’s Case of Gurugram and many more like that may be, am not sure about places but this incidents are Dark spot for our Sociery – for our Culture.

The trend #metoo was also come in limelight for sometime in this year’s beginning but is their any serious effect of it? Hardly you may find so..

In addition to Laws of Countries, I mean we know who is Convict and who is victim then why there’s so much delay in Justice? Do it immediately otherwise those who did it, got wings to do it again n again.

Don’t play with her Reputation, she is silent doesn’t means she is weak, at the time she also know how to deal but she let go things.

If we know someone has commited CRIME, then they have to be punished. None should be pardon and realize them that what they have done to others.

& lastly I wants to suggest all, Please Don’t do that which you won’t like to happen with your love one/well wishers…

The people who thinks, Rape Isn’t a Crime and Rapist isn’t a Criminal themselves a Felonious.

What according to you is the best punishment to a Rapist? Please Comment your opinion..

Btw There’s a Good news for the Indians as Government has passed the bill in Parliament to Revoked Article 370 and 35A from J&K to be upcoming UTs, One more Courageous Decision by Modi Sarkar.

Anyway The Upcoming Post will be from S (i.e. Small is Beautiful).

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11 thoughts on ““Rape : The Modern Curse.”

  1. उनको ना मरने दो ना जीने दो बस इतना तड़पाओ कि ऐसा करने वालों में डर बैठ जाये… ताकि ऐसा करने की सोचे भी नहीं…और यही एक तरीका है उनकी हैवानियत को रोकने का।

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