“Quitters Never Win – Winners Never Quit.”

Hey fellows, Hope you all doing great. Wish you all a Happy Friendship Day. Enjoy the Day with your Beloved ones. Wish you the best.

Anyway, let’s comeback to the today’s topic. Today’s topic is lit-bit relevant to those who give up easily and weaker than others. My motto is to Motivate/Inspire them throgh this post, so let’s start,

How would you define Quitters, Are they really Losers? Yes then wait,I’ll explain you later in this post.

How would you Define Winners, Are they really Born-fighters? No, off course. Yes that slight difference is enough to distinguish who is Winner & who is Loser. But what’s that Difference, can you tell me? The Spirit of Never Give Up.

“Winners aren’t Born, They are Just Updated version of Losers.”

Yes, you read the right. We all know that We started any new Stuff With so much Excitement and Enthusiasm but what if there’s any barrier in the path? You tried may be once or twice to get rid/solution out of it and if you’re not succeed finally you gave up on that, Right? Many of us do the same, even I also done it many times. But that’s not the solution, I write on this issue well because I was also passed out of it. Not me, almost every people experienced it once in a lifetime.

Yes, Quitters aren’t losers, they are just some another guy who believe They are best in something else and they must have to do that rather than to wasting time in constant Failures.

Quitters are not Quitters unless one thought come in thier Mind: What People going to think if am gonna fail? & as soon as this thought come they immediately decided to give up. This thinking is enough to Convert the Winners into Losers.

“Behind Every Losers, there’s a Beaten Winner.”

On the other side, Winners are those who always think why to double loss of life, one by wasting time in their ongoing efforts & second one of financial. They believe it’s just matter of time – if we constantly stuck to our goal with some more efforts, may be we found the way of Success.

Anyhow they just find out the solution of their task and complete it without care of people’s mentality and disgrace towards them.

Winners often care about public opinions. They enjoys blame of the world and Always remain Optimist. You may hardly seen tense on their face. In short they don’t care what other think about them – they wants to answer them by their Achievements rather than to Argueing.

“Be a Winner, Coz there’s so much to lose.”

Look obstacles and Barriers are normal in the way of Success, because of that you don’t need to change your Goal. You just have to find out solution and tried it out in so many ways then atleast you got one result that affix your query regarding any stuff.

“Winners are those who Beatan their Inner Loser.”

Wants to Suggest to Read the book on Life of Abraham Lincoln, Former President of USA. You may soon realize that your failures/struggle is nothing against Him.

Life of Abraham Lincoln by Henry Ketcham, the best one I read.

Anyway the Upcoming post will be from R (i.e Rape : The Modern Curse.)

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