“Pamper Your Temper.”

Hey Folks, What’s up? Hope you all good. Excitement level can’t be measured as it’s Friendship day weekend, So wish you all a Happy Friendship day in Advance.

Let’s come to the point now. Ok let me tell how would you react if someone irritate you or try to harras you? You are getting angry, Right? Off course coz it’s human nature that whenever someone tries to tease us our inner evil rise up to protect us or to reply opposed person.

“Temper kills You First.”

Happy – Sad – Sorrow – Upset – Joy are the different mood of Mankind likewise getting Angry is also one type of Body reaction of us. It doesn’t mean person is Out of his/her mind But it means Person is Really a HUMAN Because as we all Know We, Human are Bunch of Feelings…

We often Notice People bother too early on little things but it doesn’t prove that they are Short Tempered, it shows they are too Sensible that even a small change make a huge effect on them and their routine.

“When People Couldn’t Cry they show their Angerness”

Angerness shows the Active System of Human Body Structure, Sometimes in Self Defence mode and Sometimes to Exhale inner unnotice Voice.

When Violence met up with Angerness, People go Mad. They do Insane things and Destruction is everything for them but they forget in Flame of destruction, they destroy themselves first.

“Being a Short Tempered isn’t a Crime though, Yes am also Short Tampered.”

But Is it bad to act Angry? Not at all. A Well Directed angerness will always prove beneficially. Revenge and the fury to do something new when someone lampoon you means a new Innovation is in its Way.

“Show your Angerness towards Creation not to Destruction.”

Have you ever noticed, the all Creation n Innovation of the World is result of Someone’s Revenge or the fury in heart which is broken by Someone by any of the Reason. Behind all one thing is Common i.e.Angerness. whether it’s own or others.

Angerness is good until n unless it doesn’t harm others but if its out of your control then you have to find a Rid of it As early as Possible.

Give Direction to your Temper because Temper without Direction is like a Gun without Bullet.

It’s not always necessary that people who remains patient & calm are good and Tempered one are bad or strict, it’s based on people – it’s based on condition, people act accordingly.

P.S.Virat Kohli is Exempted here though…

& yeah Btw upcoming post will be from Q (i.e. Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit).

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7 thoughts on ““Pamper Your Temper.”

  1. Anger is, of course, a common emotion that all of us experience.
    I never yell, ( although sometimes I feel like it ). When I hear someone yelling, I realize they are in a position of weakness. Yelling is also not good for the vocal chords. It is important for all of us to keep our voices healthy, especially as we age. Good post. 🤗

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  2. well written..!!
    Your posts are really insightful !!
    Looking forward to read your future posts now !!
    Also, Thankyou for the follow 💜
    sorry,, took long to visit your site.. ws a bit busy.. but now I did .. nd lemme tell u it ws so worth it !!
    Thanks again !!
    Keep going 🌼

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  3. I just check out my notifications, can’t believe that you read my all the post,😂 but your comments refer to me that.. Thank you so much for your words…👍😀 & for your time to read my blogs…

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  4. I didn’t actually read like all your posts.. but yaa I read some .. n had a good time ‘cus you write quite well !! 🌼

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  5. Yaa, I always comment ‘cus I kno how much effort everyone put up in their work n that deserves appreciation !!
    My pleasure it was 🌼

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