“Outclass Your Fear.”

Hey Guys, what’s up? Let me tell in the comment box, How’s your first day of the new Month passed? If good then ok, if bad then let me give chance to make your rest of the days a beautiful one.

Anyway let’s come to the today’s Agenda. i.e. What is Fear and how to outclass it… We should have to talk about it frankly coz it’s not a small thing as you think.

Can anyone tell me what is fear as per you. Afraidness of someone to do something. Well that’s not false though but it has more depth meaning then you understand. So let’s start,

Fear is like Spring, the more you press – its’ return with double force.

“No Fear when You’re Here.”

So be always ready to face up its backfire. People feared by so many stuffs like fear of people – fear of height – fear of to do something – fear of failures – fear of pressure – fear of overthinking – fear of to face people – fear of mistake – fear of to be wrong – fear of to lose something/someone & many more like that.

But what is ‘FEAR’? Look, We human are mixtures of Emotions – Feelings – Attachment – Obsession – Sentiments, thus it’s normal to be Afraid. When you found this human norms in human, fear almost exist there.

Fear has direct relationship with thinking of Mankind. But Overthinking, just killed Human, Human not remain Human.

The more you Think – The more you Trubble yourself.

To be Afraid isn’t bad though, it proves that you are also human. We human Deserves Error only. Let make mistakes and improve yourself.

Fear Reside in our mind and becomes too heavier at the time. We feared by doing anything and give up on things too early. Then how to outclass it?

“Success is Beyond Fear.”

Confidence, yes you read the right – Self Confidence is the key to decline your fear. Boost your confidence. Do anything with confidence, you feel like energetic and optimist. Never heavier that feeling of what people say/think if am gonna fail.

Develop the habit to face criticism and improve your fighting spirit. Not Physical one, I mean be mentally strong and never took stress which cause your Morale down.

You and only you gonna defeat your Fear, No one can do it for you. Fear is nothing but the self delusion and you have to find solution to crack it as soon as possible, because as said

डर के आगे जीत है!!

& yeah Btw Upcoming blog will be from P (i.e.Pamper Your Temper).

Stay Connected Stay Healthy…

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