“Live – Love – Laugh.”

Hey folks, What’s up? Hope you all doing well. So Let’s start with today’s topic,

“Life- A Wonderful creation provided by God to You Beautiful’s.”

Life is all about to live, to love, to believe, to wanderlust, to share happiness and to care of each other. Life is not about to Wasting the Precious time but it’s about Creating Memories.

“Live the Life like, No one Never Can…”

Live in your way, just be happy and always make sure no one will go upset by your side. Look Life is very Precious, everyone isn’t so lucky to have it but if you are, then make it reasonable enough that no one gonna regret.

Look life is all about Final call, there’s no trial ball – if you got a chance then make it happen. Living the life is like Live Performance, No Rehersal – No Junior Artist – No Director – No Producer – No Costumes, You n Only You are The Maker of your Life.

If you hit, you gonna Rule – If you won’t succeed you gonna fool.

Live the life, don’t allow the Life to Live you.

“Love is Innocent, it can be happen to anyone, with anyone, at anytime.”

If you live the life in yours, you find the LOVE everywhere, nothing to HATE. World is so beautiful, if you can’t find then may be it’s the fault of your sight. There’s so much to love in this world all you need is just better eyesight. Have you ever notice the Smile of Newborn Baby? All your wealth isn’t enough to Relive that moment.

It’s upto you how you interact with people and your influence on others. If you spread Love it’s double the amount of return by way of Bettering your Life. All you find is love n only love.

“Love to Live or Live to Love.” Choice is Yours.

On the other hand Hate spread by those who don’t know love or either by those who are heart broken or failed in lovelife. Look here love is not only between two lovebirds, it’s may love of Mother and her child – it’s may be love of someone to their ideal – etc…

“Laugh like There’s no Tomorrow, All you get is a Better Moment Today.”

It’s said the Laughing is the best Medicine. Is it True? May be True – May be false. But yeah it’s not harmful though then why not to laugh?

For Health laughing is necessary but in limit otherwise there’s no difference between you and patient of Mental Hospital.

“Laugh like who cares!!!”

Some laugh so loudly – Some always remain in Seriousness – Some laugh in between crying and some cry during laughing & Some laugh in every moment.

We often laugh when we are happy. But Have you heard someone is cried in happiness though that Emotional feeling has no relevant to this base please note. (i.e.Tear of Happiness)

In short Laughing is good. So keep laughing until n unless others don’t judge you as Mental ill….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The next topic will be from M.(Maturity: The Illustrator.)

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13 thoughts on ““Live – Love – Laugh.”

  1. Excellent advice ! Life is God’s gift to us. Look around, see the beauty everywhere. Train yourself to avoid purposely looking at negativity, and avoid people who are habitually negative in outlook . πŸ€—

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  2. Yuup it’s up to you how to find positivity from negativity, when everyone lose hope awake and fight till the last breath to make it happen.. BTW thank you Ma’m for your kind words….πŸ˜€πŸ‘


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