“Karma : Balance Sheet of Life.”

Hey folks, Hope you all had a Great Weekend. New week started and so as the New challenges. So let’s start, today’s topic is Surprising one to all of you so let me inform in Comment area if you find any differences.

Karma, what’s that in your opinion.. Any Idea, ok let me tell you,

“The Balance sheet of God in which Your Whole life’s Work, deeds whether right or wrong is noted down and you’ll get return by way of Surplus or Deficit of Life”

“Karma = Your Action – God’s Reaction.”

It’s said that what you did to others, exactly same happens to you sooner or later but that will happen that’s guaranteed. As Everyone knows the Earth is round thus whatever you did will turn back to you. No one will aware from their destiny.

Let’s try to understand the balance sheet of life,

Firstly In Profit & Loss A/c(i.e P&L A/c) all your revenues and expenditures were posted i.e. All your good deed will be posted in Credit side whether to make happy others – your loyalty – your efforts to make others smile – your share in world’s growth and development & your art of winning hearts all shall be Credited.

On the other hand in Debit side all your evil deed were posted i.e. how many enemies you created – your shameful acts – your jealousy level – result of your evil thoughts & your destruction all shall be Debited.

The Difference of P&L A/c shall be transferred to Balance Sheet. In Balance sheet, On Liability side all your responsibilities of the life should be posted and on the Assets side all the sources of your Return shall be noted down.

Though, this Books of A/C only closed once at the time of your final Goodbye to World.

“Your Past Action – Karma’s Fiction.”

Thus it’s said that GOD will never go fail to Tallied its Balance sheet, karma is always there to help.

Your Karma is the key of how your Life will comes to an end, how you suffer in the life and how’s your B/S shall be tallied.

Always tries to do Good because if someone Notice or not but God, GOD never forget to enter that Record in Your Books of Account.

Karma never go fail to assist God to finalize your Journey. It’s upto you What you do in your life – How you do in your life and whom you do, Result is almost ready.

“KARMA = Immortal GUIDE of GOD.”

And the last question to you all

How you see your End of Life, A Tragedic one or Happy Ending?

The Next topic will be from L.( Live Love Laugh.)

P.S. As a Commerce Graduate you’ll find many things related to Accountancy and if am wrong at anything then feel free to discuss.

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