“Jealousy: The Poison.”

Hey fellows,What’s up? Hope everything is fine. Btw Today’s topic is lit-bit connected one to all of us. So let’s start,

Each n Every human felt Jealousy to others by any of the reason in any phase of Life. It’s normal in us as We Human are Mixtures of Emotions – Feelings and biased one.

“Jealousy: Not Just a Poison but the Virus which Spread rapidly.”

But what is Jealousy, Can Somebody tell me? It’s very deep meaning that we can’t recognize it easily.

You know, We didn’t Jealous by Person, We Jealous by their Achievement – We Jealous by their Success – We Jealous by their Goodness – We Jealous by their Kindness – We Jealous by their Happiness – We Jealous by their Optimization – We Jealous by their Vision, We Jealous by their Dedication – We Jealous by their Wealth as there’s lot to Jealous but one thing we can’t find from them i.e. the Struggle and Hardwork done by them to achieve Success in the Life. We Just watch their Success but never try to Understand the Work done by them to be Succeed.

Jealousy Clearly Indicate the lack of Self Confidence, If they can do it then why you Not? Try it, may be You are enough to Jealous Others by your Work.

Jealousy also Suggest your level of Insecurity, if you felt unsecured you started to make barriers in their Path to misguide them – to mislead them, means you do everything possible enough to their failure.

We human won’t to tolerate other Success as We are Selfish, Pompous, Overweening and Egoistic. We are not happy with them at all but make a fake smile and drama to show we are happy.

“Jealous Just because Someone gets More and better than Us.”

There’s human Psychology, “If I am failed then how can be he/she Succeed? But there’s a difference between You and Them, You may be work for yourself only while may be they are work for society – for people

In this World there are very few who is happy for others as they know there’s nothing in Jealousy, Everything you find is only hate, enemies and malingnancy.

God always provide those who are able, If you are Unable then even if you got – you’ve to give it back.

Sometimes Jealousy turns into Revenge, a bloody Revenge which leads the man to the Gate of Hell.

We always think we are not treat well but the way you treated people by Jealousy is Good enough? Is it? Really? Then believe me you are Talking Dead cum Walking Dead.

Jealousy is like Cold War, there is no Enemy but You, yourself make your Enemy.

The Upcoming Blog will be from K. (i.e. Know Yourself First).

Have a Great Sunday Eve. See You Tomorrow, till that Bye Bye.

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7 thoughts on ““Jealousy: The Poison.”

  1. Yeah, good noticed. I just forget to add those factors. Fear & anger leads the human to the depth of Jealousy, intact those are also as important as other factors of jealousy. BTW thnx for your kind words….👍😁


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