“Internet: Evil or a Guardian?”

From 1960 downward of the Whole World to become the Slave of their own Affair is Started, i.e. Internet. Firstly Americans, followed by Europeons and Australians and lastly by rest of the Continents Including Asians, Africans, etc…

Let’s start with its Development and Growth, in early 60s Paul Baran and his team has made the network by their reseach namely Packet Switching, followed by NPL Network of Donald Davies along with ARPANET, Merit Network, CYCLADES in late 60s and early 70s.

“Internet :- Jam of People and their Thought.”

The Whole world is connected via Internet Network,
But At the time No one imagine that the Network which is created by them were itself becoming worst Nightmare for the upcoming Generation. Though it’s not their fault, just because we have no control on ourselves – we can’t blame them at all.

They Developed this networks for betterment and improvement of us(mankind) but we just lost control on it.

“Internet: The Evanesce Evil in form of Virtual Reality”.

The major objective of the Internet is to Connect the people, to ease the Communication Process, to betterment of one’s lifestyle , for the development and growth of an Economy but is it really limited to that extent only? Off course no.

“Developer itself become an Delusion.”

Today’s Generation is much more ahead than you think, may be even your mind can’t get it. Whether it’s use of Social Media, whether for watching live contents, whether for online dating apps – shopping apps, whether to play online jerky games and other stuffs – they are well in lead to their previous Generation. Internet is just beyond upto one’s Imagination.

Am not against it as I know there’s also several very useful purposes served by it, Firstly the blog that I’ve written posted through it, ease one’s choices & selection, give everyone a chance to be a hero via a large – wide social media platform, ease of communication between people, job related updates and much more. It become impossible to live without it in this era.

But look everything is upto good at certain level, if you passed that level then may be you find a solution otherwise it’ll destroy you. You became Victim of your Weapon.

The delusion of Internet almost cover everything and everyone, it’s upto you how you make a way from that unsolved Cubic.

We Develope it to Connect then how can it Disconnect Us from the Ourselves?

Hey fellows, Hope you all have a good time & waiting for a Weekend Eve like me… Have a Nice Weekend. Bye- bye.

Btw The Next Blog is from J (i.e. Jealousy the Poison).


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3 thoughts on ““Internet: Evil or a Guardian?”

  1. Heyy!! Now-a-days there are asking for Mail ID compulsory for Competitive Exams ……Instead of their parents they are providing their own at the age of 19. Every thing is on record …. Every thing is noted…. Everybody is under surveillance. No privacy

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  2. Yeah, I know but we are not safe anywhere even big companies and social media platform leak our private data or somehow record it to their server and misused it. Hackers are also constant tried something new for bunch of money. Even Universities & Institutions data also not safe India as cyber crime is rapidly increase day by day…

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