“Health: The Lone Way to Wealth.”

Hey fellows, What’s up? Hope everything is fine!

You may think why I asked this you Today? Ok let me tell, as I already announce about Today’s topic in my previous post i.e about health, it’s became necessary to asked you about that coz If you don’t know how’s your Audience then how will you Connect well?

Ok let it go, let’s come back to today’s topic, it’s kinda relative one to all of us. Tell me first according to you what’s Health? Just body fitness and stay healthy, that’s all? Look Health has deeper meaning that what you understand and what you know. Health doesn’t mean to muscular/fit physique only but also consider criteria of patience-calmness-time flexibility.

“Happiness + Time Management + Health = Wealth.”

It’s not easy to maintain your body healthy in this age, but also not impossible though. All you need is proper time management-active mind and flexibility in ideas.

You might think there’s no Relation between Health and Wealth but let me explain you,

Health has Direct relationship to Wealth. If one is healthy in their thought – decision making and judgements, it leads to way of Wealth. Health means to Constant thinking coz Brain, Brain never Goes OLD.

“Health : Key to Wealth.”

If you are healthy, your capacity will be more compares to in weaker period. You think healthy, you find healthy & most appropriate you know the importance to Stay Positive.

Stress and Depression are the obstacle which may you found in every human at least once in lifetime.

As we all know Empty brain means Residence of Devil, if you stop thinking a wrong ideas came in your mind and may be you misguided. You’ll might be lost your path and life too.

A Brain dead and Unused brain both has same NILL value as both has no objective. Healthy MIND is as Important as Healthy Food.

& Remember Health is Always Before Wealth.

BTW If someone Give you chance to Select any of the following what would you choose? 500 Million and A Good Health. But, Remember Wealth follows Health, but Health doesn’t follow Wealth. Now make a Choice.

If At a time You are wealthy enough but you are not well and if At a time You are healthy enough but no Wealth then? What will you do? Wealth not gonna change your Destiny but Health, Yes it is still in your hand….

The Next topic will be from I(i.e. Internet: Evil or a Guardian). Till that Byeee.

Stay Healthy, Weekends are coming.


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10 thoughts on ““Health: The Lone Way to Wealth.”

  1. This is incredibly well written! Your theory of health, both physical and mental, leading to wealth is spot on in my opinion. It is strongly supported by the field of positive psychology as well, which asks what is means to life a meaningful and fulfilling life. Feel free to check it out sometime and leave any contributions that you would like. I just wrote a post on this topic exactly that I think you would find interesting. Great post, and keep up the good work!

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  2. I just write what I feel & what I believe. I Checked out your blog also, it’s good really means we bloggers find thousand ways to describe one feeling into so many path. Btw thank you for your words…. It’s really appreciable when someone give you such a great feedback.

    Liked by 1 person

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