“GOD is Just ONE, That’s All.”

Is there any Difference if Am said God, You said Jesus, & Others said Allah?!?! Is that make any sense to differentiate pepole by their Religion? These all are the differentiates created by us to recognize people.

“GOD: Creator of Us.”

Look God created all us as same, there’s no distinguish by its side then who the hell are you to differetiate People? If you have any problem with people’s religion then complaint it to God. Do you have Guts? No,right? That’s what I wants to say that Accept people irrespective of their caste-religion-color.

Now let’s look into another side. We people are really superstitious. We found God even in Stone and Worshiped it. If there’s any affliction in our life we started to condemn the God while on the other hand we also hope the best from the God too. How can be it possible?

God had never said Believe in me, but still we people believe that’s because we need reason to blame God. If we failed in something we found foult of GOD because we need someone on whom we passed the crate of defect.

“Believer Never said they are Exist, Myth Finds them Everywhere.”

Yes, I am Atheist Coz I firmly believed If GOD Exist, then there’s DEMON too. The Law of Nature is Very Clear: If there is Something Good, Bad Always Follow it.

“END: So Far yet So Close.”

We people are So so Selfish, we worship/admire them not to make them Happy but for our wellness and Safety. At the time we forget them in our good time and when bad time comes we again become a fake Ritualist.

Am not say God isn’t exist, I just wants to realize you if exist then Accept whatever is done is return of your Deeds whether Good or Bad but please don’t blame God. He/she has already given you LIFE to LIVE & EARTH to HIVE.

Am also not against Those who believed in GOD, but raised one questione in my mind, Have You Seen them?

If he/she had Created You, then only n only he/she has right to destroy You. And yeah one day you will, that’s sure – 110% sure.

God Created You, Created A Wonderful Atmosphere to live, created beautiful nature and what you have did? Just makes argues and excuses whole life.

“GOD always Remain one and That’s all weather we Read Bible, Quraan or Bhagvad Geeta.”

And the last question to You,

Who r U? A Fake Monotheist or Real Atheist?

The next topic will be from H. (i.e. Health: the lone Way of Wealth)


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