“Father: The First and long lasting Creditor.”

Just Imagine, Your World without Father!! Have you?? Am not, Coz I have no guts to Imagine my life without him.

Yeah As a kid both- Mother as well as Father has equal Importance in our life, as our life is incomplete without them but for father there’s different type of feeling in our Heart.

“Father : Girl’s First Superhero and Boy’s First Real Advisor.”

Basically there’s a Unbreakable bonding with Mother as we passed most of time with her but with father we can’t feel more comfort as mostly our father is more strict and disciplined. But in fact with father we are more secure and share anything with him without any unsnarl.

From our birth to each n every mule demand we expect from him and on the other side he also fulfilled it without any Guaranteed return. Means by birth we became Debtor to him and he became Creditor. Only Difference is we always gonna became insolvent to him, Coz we never gonna paid off his debt, We always remain Known cum Solely Debtor and alreay written off in his Balance sheet.

He Never show his love – emotion – feeling – obsession – towards his kid but always there for them. He also expect same attachment from his child but never demand it. In short if I wants to say, “He is the Ocean of Hidden Feelings.”

“Soul Connection.”

Father, who Never Earns for himself but Always Ready to Spent it on his Kid. But the irony is, His love remains unmeasured.

He is Just like “Buy one Get one Free” Offer. But the only difference is he never offer with cost. If you Buy happiness from him, he always offers it free with Lots of love and smile.

The depth of father’s heart is not known by anyone, there’s so much running in his mind too. From fulfillment Son’s obstinate demand to Daughter’s marriage, every responsibility undertaken by him without exchange of anything.

But Is it as easy as it Seems to be a father? Not at all. But still we blaspheme him without any reason. We, his own blood made his life cruel. Sent him to oldage home when he need us the most. Is it the right treatment? Don’t think so.

The man who sacrifice his Bright Today to Make your Future Better, is nothing but a Saviour of Your Life – FATHER.

Believe me your whole life’s Wealth isn’t enough to paid off His Debt. “You always Remain a RICH Debtor in his books of accounts.”

& the last One Question to you,

Is Father means only for a Fulfillment of Responsibility and Liability?

The Next topic will be From G.(i.e.God is Just ONE, That’s all.)


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5 thoughts on ““Father: The First and long lasting Creditor.”

  1. Absolutely right, without our father we are nothing, when my father is with me that time i don’t have need to anyone…i feel very secure and comfort with them… I can’t imagine my future without them..🙂

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