“Exam : Just a Test, Not a Parameter to Judge One’s Intelligence and Other’s Dumbness.”

Ok let me tell one thing. Have you seen 3 Idiots? No, then please watch it- A good social message given by Movie. We are Human- not a Machine, Let provide your kid a freedom to take their own decision, never force them to study this and not that. Today’s my blog is fully based on it.

Can someone tell me to top the exam will Assure you a handsome job? No doubt well qualified people gets attractive Package but what about others? Is exam failure means failure in everything?

Look if someone gets a negative result then it’s not their fault, may be they are good in something else. Every year in Millions of Number Student Pass the exam and enters into New World but what about them who doesnot qualify as per prescibed Criteria?

“Never Stressed, If You then might it’ll Pressed You More.”

Look Education may provides you position, money and social pride but remember it’s not learnt the ethics. If you are well educated but doesn’t know how to behave , how to talk and no knowledge of outside world then your whole your education is just scrap.

For me if you are fail then Congrats you find the key of Success because broken people are more dangerous than normal people.

To top the exam means you are a Competitor because your competition is with other toppers.

But I firmly believed,“Rather than to become a Competitor be a Rival , a strong Rival.” Rival Never Compromise Where Competitors Do.

Because the “Best Failure Gives you the Biggest Reason to Celebrate the SUCCESS.”

So Never be afraid of Fail. Be Solid – Rock Solid. Never think what others think about you, let them be Predictor and prove them wrong. Nothing is Unreachable unless n until you don’t try. You Just have to be Optimist. Stuck with your Efforts- a constant Efforts because you and you are the builder of your Life. Never ashamed of your failure, just accept it with smiley face and Resume your Efforts towards your Goal.

I also request to Parents “Please don’t Pressurize your kid , May be it will be backfire.” Let them do whatever they wants to do. However just make sure that they are not on wrong path for your satisfaction. Let appreciate their efforts and guide them to a proper direction.

“Exam will come-go Every year but your Kid Not.”

If your kid got negative result then don’t be upset, if you are upset then definitely your kid has no courage to face the You and the World. Make them independent and be with them- at last they are your blood.

Also request to the students please never take unnecessary step towards your Career. Make a clear Vision + Mission towards your, Ultimate Goal. Never take it grantly, be serious about it and achieve it.

Believe in Yourself that ‘Yeah You , You are going to be a WINNER.’

The next topic will be from F.(Father: Our First and Long lasting Creditor)


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7 thoughts on ““Exam : Just a Test, Not a Parameter to Judge One’s Intelligence and Other’s Dumbness.”

  1. It’s hard to see parents treating their kids as trophies..I remember once one of my teachers said,”If your parents praise you excessively infront of others they are not necessarily proud of you, they can even be ashamed of you.” wonderful read!πŸ’›

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  2. I agree, no one wants to work with a jerk… no matter how smart they are. We all must work with others and the World’s Richest Man-Jeff Bezos. Politeness and decorum go a lokmg way regardless of how high our exam scores are.

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