“Comeback should be better than Bounce back “

Have you experienced the Failure? No? Then let me guess, you are not human!!! Right??

I don’t think so, each and every people in this World are so lucky that he/she has not experienced the failure. In other words if I wants to say, God isn’t so kind that he gave you everything without your deservence.

“Am here to Conquer Not to Thrall.”

Just let me tell your opinion abour failure.

If I was asked, “Failure is just one more chance to knock the Door of Success & never let to Shut it Down again.”

If you don’t know what is failure then believe me you are not succeed by your own. Because before Success there’s one more Stage which testifying you whether you capable/deservence of Success or not.

“Success realize you, Your Hardwork but Failure, Failure realize you, Your Hardluck.” Failure gives you chance to betterment yourself but for that you have to cross that ocean where millions of like you were already give up and end up their life. If you crossed up you find the Success & if you not, you find the lesson for the lifetime.

“Dare to Live- Fair to Live.”

Value of Success only known by those who fail coz they know how to Comeback strongly more than ever. Comeback never going to be easy if you were badly defeated once but as says Stalwards always finds the way to beat those obstacles.

There’s lit-bit difference between word Comeback and Bounce back. Comeback necessary when there’s wound in your Heart and Bounce back is often for revenge.

Comeback is against yourself as it is fight of yours and your failure. If you scared, you’d hunted down – If you Dare you might be transcend to your fear.

Comeback isn’t for those who already surrender themselves to failure and have no courage to fightback, even though the real fun is to fail once and then make a spontaneous comeback to shocked your opponent.

“Success Without Comeback Sounds like Victory without an Opponent.”

Hope you all enjoys my New Idea. Btw,

The Next topic will be from D (i.e. Death : the ultimatum of life).

Till that have a good Sunday Eve.. Bbye…..🙋


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