“Believe to Be Live”

Have you remembered when you last believe in yourself, regarding any decision making – regarding any opinion – regarding any suggestion – regarding any of the task? Have You?

It’s easy to forget fasttrack decision but what about remembering them?

Ok let’s come back to point,

“The very first and immortal funda to live the life is to Believe in yourself.”

“Believe OR Let it leave.”

The Spirit of, ‘Yes I Can Do’ will never let you down; all you just need is Self Confidence Unbiased & Quick Desicion making and Certainity in your Concentration.

Become Self Dependent is the Predetermined formula of One’s Successful Life. If you are weak in selection or confused regarding priority and constantly reliable on someone then one day you’ll find yourself at the verge of Destruction and at that point of time you can’t blame that someone, all your blame is for yourself.

“Believe it or Relive it.”

Yes, I also Believe Opinion matters but it doesn’t mean you have to take advice all the time from someone, if you; then believe me you’ll never stand out on your own feet and when time comes you’ll find yourself alone and stressful.

You have to find your Existence, showed it to the World and then let allow the World to found you. If you are on Earth and Human and if you have no your own identity then What you are for? There’s no difference between you and dust/trash.

As Post’s Title Suggest, “Be live to Believe means you have to live for what you believe not what others understand.”

A Coward never Believe what actually happens in their life and a Stalward always Ready to Accept the changes and Relive the life.

“Everything is Fair in Believe and to be live.”

Always prefer to Say “Yes, I can not I Will because We Wants Result not a kind of any Anticipation or Prediction.”

Atlast one question to all My fellows,

Have you believe to be live? Or Relive to believe?

The Upcoming Post will be from C (i.e. Comeback should be better than Bounce back).


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