“Always Prefer To say YES”

Have you ever noticed the face of Confident People? No tense – No fear – No overthinking – No prediction and lastly but most appropriate among all i.e. No Overconfidence.

They make a Lie Statement with so much Confidence that everyone gonna believe it. Your Attitude describe your Confidence level . All you need is to just recognize your strength & weaknesses and Work as per situation and requirement.

“If there’s Hope may be there’s Success too.”

Positive, “Sign of Confidence and Patience.” If you ever experienced the situation like pressure / do or die then you can understand the meaning of Positivity.

Look it’s not normal to stay positive all the time as there’s many barriers or say obstacles in life which leads to pessimist thought or mindset.

Depression, the most outrageous result of Negativity. People stop to talk with others, sometimes they become violent and become mule. They prefer to live alone and avoid to make new connection. Too much anxiety and insecurity leads to people there.

The Second effect of Negativity i.e.Panic. People who are very sensitive become victim of this situation. They become angry on very lit-lit things, become liar and started to hide the truth and slowly slowly push themselves into the darkness of Hell.

On the other side if you stay Positive then you learn to be happy, Where everyone finds scrap you finds GOLD from that stuff, you find the thousands way to live the life in your own way. Others happiness also matters you means you become Matured enough to understand others. You share your Success with others.

You feel like,

‘The World isn’t all about “YOU” and “ME”, it’s about “US”.’

When someone come to you with some hope and you say “NO” or say refused to help then it impact badly on opposed party but when you said “YES” even if you know you gonna fail in the work but still give your 100% then believe me chances to get positive result were go up.

I don’t say Positive means Always you Succeed but atleast there’s one satisfaction, ‘You give Your All’. No guilt – No Shame.

“Stay Positive – Stay Healthy”

Btw, Tomorrow’s Topic will be from B (i.e. Believe to Be Live).


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15 thoughts on ““Always Prefer To say YES”

  1. Very well written. I am myself not at all confident while I see so many smart and confident people around me. It requires acceptance of your own self and maybe then you can be positive about everything else🙂

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