Can you tell me What’s Success?

“When Your Defeat is more Important for them than their own Victory.”

“Do Unthinkable till Thinkable enough.”

And how can one achieve Success? Is it as easy as it seems? May be Yes, May be No; What says? How can you define Success in one word? Can you?

Ok let me Try,

Success: Opposite of Failure, is it ok? No,no,no,not at all; then?

Look, To be Succeed in life you won’t need Success but yeah To be Success in life you have to be Succeed in your thought – in your mind – in your kind – in your health – in your struggle – in your passion – in your attitude.

One can easily achieve Success if he/she concentrate on their predetermined goal with the help of hardwork and lit-bit favor of luck. Here I added luck factor, coz in Success there’s significant ratio of luck and plays an important role. But is it ok to be Succeed by that way? I don’t think so…

Success and Struggle is the two side of Coin,” the Much you try – the much you fail, the much you learn – the much you gain” which leads you to path of Success.

“Aim High, Never Die”

The more you Struggle, the more you Valued the Success, because Struggle testifying you by way of your hard time/ hard luck – your patience – your judgement & your capacity of tolerance.

Always “Reveal the story of Success instead of unveiled the Story of Struggle.”

There should be such obstacles that you might gonna face like fear- hate – snub – scorn. But the real one never give up and stuck to its slow but steady growth.

Success isn’t the everyone’s cup of tea, it can be achieved by loads of hardwork; for that one has to be mentally/physically strong – has to be ready to face the blame of the world – be prepared themselves to stand for themselves even if everyone left them alone.

“No Struggle – No Success.”

Success isn’t achieved untill you don’t feel the heat of Failure.

At last here I share, my own Funda to Achieve Success,

“When other Thinks, I Try

When other Tries, I Apply

& When Other Applies, It’s gonna be Viral…”

And lastly one question to all my fellows,

Have you ever felt the heat of Failure?

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