“Without them Fri+End sounds like Dry+End of life.”

“Friend = More than Family – Less than outsiders.”

Friends, whose name or just imagination put smile on your face.

Friends, with whome you share anything

Friends, who always stand by you even when the whole world is against you

Friends, whose presence made you happier

Friends, where there’s nothing limited, everything is unlimited whether it’s a fun, sarcasm, love, hate, choices, fight, etc…

Friends, who knows you better than you know yourself

Friends, between whose there’s nothing like this is mine – this is your; there’s always like this is ours

Friends, who always there for you in your bad time but remain absent in your good time

Friends, where there’s no differences by color age region and gender – just the similarities Similarity of Heart

Friends, who never rose a question like WHY??, always says yes we do it together

Friends, whose heart is in their body but beat for those who really matters for them.

Friends, who never demand but always apply the funda of Supply Supply happiness-feeling-fun.

“No definition of Friend, if there that’s not friend.”

But is it too easy as it seems like to have a REAL Friend in this age/world? Not at all.

Look how you connect with people and how people accept you is the basic of any friendship. Everyone isn’t lucky enough to have friend in their life, though it’s wholly depends on you how you behave with others.

If you are humble loyal and trustworthy to others may be you receive the same response that you think of/able of.

But on the other side, If you are Selfish egoistic and less talkative/ moodie then there’s possibility to fail in finding of Friends.

There’s many blood relation but beyond that there’s one more relation – Heart Relation, with TRUE Friends.

Quarrel/dispute is normal among friends , that’s not the end but it’s the testifying how solid your Friendship is!!!

When People can’t be your Enemy, Let them be your FRIEND.

Atlast one question to you,

“Do You have Friends?” A Real One


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