And the last but most impactable thing of our life, i.e. Relations.

Give me your opinion about relation, means how would you describe it? Better Connection and Sharing of values, that’s all?

Although, that thinking is not wrong at all in such manner , though let me explain you in brief;

“Relation Means Connection of Emotion through Promotion of Understanding of each other’s Mindset and Valuation of one’s feeling in exchange of other’s emotion.”

Fundamental of Relation : “Instead of You/I Grow , Let’s We Grow”

Better relation is the base of living the Ideal Lifestyle whether it’s been a relation of friend/ live in/ business/ marriage/neighbour. It’s very important how you behave with others and how others behave towards you.

Relation also shows how fair are you in dealing with other, if you are not good enough or fail to someone’s expectation then may be that relation doesn’t stay last long.

Moreover when there is addition of demand in feelings, ratio of the success of that relation also gonna down. More demands means lack of trust which leads to brokedown of connection.

“Let Be Partner in Growth of each other”

But in today’s world it’s seems to be very hard to find a ideal relations with one another, cheating – compromise – undue influence – coercion; existence of any of them should ruin your long lasting relation.

The greedy relation which rely on to getting something from one another can’t survive for a long term, but yeah that relation taught you the lesson of the lifetime.

The more strengthen your relation – the more you feel comfort in your life, be very conscience to deal with anyone.

According to me,

Relation = Realization of Each other’s True Existence”.

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15 thoughts on ““Relation”

  1. Nothing more to suggest. As you said your statement appears simple but is with indepth meaning. That is the ultimate definition for relation. And the best definition I ever came across.

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