So let’s start from their where we were stop in last post, i.e. second point of impactable thing in our life – MONEY.

Have any idea about Money? Or still that bla bla bla thinking – earning power, pride and wealth, that’s all? Yeah really? Sure? Ok let me explain,

Start with the Basic, as per my understanding earn money is not a big deal. There were several ways (legal-illegal) through you make money but is it enough? Earn money is enough, definitely no look money may gives temporarily satisfaction but what about long term plan?

“Money isn’t Everything but yeah Money May Buy Anything”

In our Region there’s one phrase, idk where it’s heard by you or not that “Money attracts Money”.

So your planning should be very conscience regarding money. Spoiling Money makes no sense and how can be one spoil money which are getting by lots of hard work and in exchange of time?

For me Money and Time is two side of coin. If you have Time then you can make money but if you have a Money then you can’t make time which is already passed but yeah a better future/time is still in your hand.

Recently I studied that the value of future’s one rupee will be more that is what today so start saving it from right now or should invest in better return.

“Saving is the Best Management”

We all know why we earn, to satisfy our needs-requirements n all but never pamper bad habit/desire which might gonna crush you.

Money provides you safety both socially and financially but never be overwhelmed by it. A wrong ego having money makes you the man without brain.

“MONEY = Today’s Health , Future’s Wealth.”

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6 thoughts on ““MONEY”

  1. You are right time and money are very much connected and both has to be valued and spend prudently πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. Yes, that’s the my speciality, I don’t want to add complex words in my blog which might gonna mislead the people and I focused on to connect with more n more people that simply understood what I actually wants to say that’s all.
    BTW thank you for your time to read n comment on my blog πŸ˜‚πŸ™


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