3 things are truly impactable in our life,

– Time

– Money

– Relation

So let’s start with first point i.e Time.

Okey, Just tell me, What you say about TIME? Just a passing moments, that’s all??

Well well well it’s very narrow minded thought if you think so. But as per my opinion TIME means the The Ideal Moments Endlessly.

Observe every passed seconds, every passed minutes and every passed hours that what you have done in that time. If you spoil the time now then time will spoil you later on. Make the best use of your time.

” Every passed time means less moments left to live”

Look every people in this world got 24 hours a day, none less from it-none more than it. It’s upto you how you manage your time according to your activities.

It’s become very important to work as per time. For that just make a daily schedule for your main acts and rest should be set up accordingly. Make the most from available time rather than to waste it.

I know it’s become very rigid in hectic schedule but you should have your plan B too. Ready with it and apply it whenever find necessary. Wants to suggest a note/diary of your daily life, it should help you that where you consider your time and consequently helps for future plans too.

“The time gone should never be back but the time that will Come is still in your hand.”

Some believe that ‘Apna time Aayega’ (My time will come) but I firmly believed that ‘Apna time Apun Layega’ (I will derive My Time).

“Time: Total Investment of Morale Exchange”

Just do it, never wait for anyone likewise time. If you wait then may be it’s become too late to start.

Let’s live the Life as you want, don’t give a fuckin chance to life to live in it’s way- live in your own way.

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9 thoughts on ““TIME”

  1. You are right but my problem is ager main souchta hno ky main is waqat ya kam karno ga or main us waqat wo kam bhi kerta hno or sath sath or koi chotay chotay dusray kam bhi kerta hno jis ki waja sy mind thaq jata hy or sara schedule kharab hojata hy

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