“Be You”

Do this and don’t do that. The whole life will be passed by applying their orders then when you can be Yourself?

Look life is not only allowing others to interfere in your life but also to findout who you really are. Many just do only that what others suggest then How can be you grow? How can be you develop?

Many people act like Puppet no independent thought, no independent idea and no idea about what’s going on with their life. Then One question raised in my mind : Are they really Human? Or should they consider to be a Human?

I don’t think so, look being yourself is the most wonderful feeling of the life. Do craziest whatever makes you happy but don’t be Insane. It’s preferable to adopt advice from people when you are confused but constantly reliable on someone is really outrageous.

One should develop their own thought, think out of the box and protest whenever it looks like necessary. Everything is important but never compromise with your life’s ethics for someone. Stuck with yourself and let them behave in whatever manner they wants to be. If you are not happy with the work, you currently working on then be straightforward and ask the opposed party about your issue , if they don’t help you then change the work but not to change yourself.

“Be Happy Be You”

Always remember “Your happiness is the most important thing in this World, none above that- none beyond that.”

At last wants to tell,

” Be Yourself – with yourself – for yourself – through yourself.”

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7 thoughts on ““Be You”

  1. This post of yours is so right. Being a puppet and compromising one’s happiness for the sake of making others happy and not giving priority to the self is of no good.
    I just love the way you had written the post, it’s raw, pure and straightforward. May it reach to many and especially to those who are in need to get this. Wonderful!… Great job

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