Smartphone: Bless or Curse

Came across to the most relevant situation of today’s life. i.e. Addiction of Smartphone. Don’t know what happens with today’s youth that they are so much attracted towards it. It is OK to engage with extra activity along with education but to stuck with it!! Really Disastrous. Now a days kids have enough knowledge to operate the Smartphone. But is it really Smart than You? If Yes then you become a Slave of your own Kingdom. And how can you be the Slave of your Own?

Now a days many Young students demanding Smartphone of their own. In addition to that parents also fulfilled their mule demand. No excuse but is it really necessary to have a Smartphone at this age?! OK fine,it’s good to have a Smartphone in this modern age but then what they are doing with it? Playing jerky games n doing other disturbing stuff through it. They lost their concentration from their Goal and misguided. They engaged with it throughout the day. Look everything is good up to certain limit but what if you cross that limit? Life become more worse than actually it seems. They become more Violent and Mule.

“In Search of Social Connection, forget their Real Existence”

Parents are also responsible equally with ongoing situation of their kid. They fulfill their demands, to show off or to show their Social Status(Wealth) or may be for some other reason but litteraly through this way parent themselves push their kid towards darkness. On the other side if parent denied, a crazy guy took unnecessary steps which none imagine ever. Sometimes they also committed Suicide if their wish wasn’t fulfill. Then what’s the Solution?

Look Nothing is Important than ourselves. Everything is fine up to certain limit. Make a Schedule for kid,engage them with other activity, spent time with them, fix a time for using smartphone,see them other useful benefit of Mobile. Make them socially engaged with live people. Never give them it before they complet their high School. It’s upon you how you treat them, if you are too granted they also took it grantly.

‘Always asked Yourself Who R U?

If you find the Answer, believe me U may gonna Rule the World’. It’s in your hand whether u wants to be Ruler or to be fighter. Rule With yourself,fight against yourself.

“Be a Ruler,Not a Slave”

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