SHE:- Synonym of Sacrifice

Can anyone tell me the real situation of Girls in the World? What actually happen with them? But it’s really outrageous that they are not safe at all at anywhere. Let us start from the beginning, born of girl. In many families having a girl child is still a curse, in greed of having a Son they forget the importance of her. Even they are also in this world thanks to them but then after what? They become so selfish and ignore her importance. Family members put restrictions on their life,they can’t engage her with other activities, rather than they think she is just good enough as home maid.

Violence and Crime against them are rapidly increasing day by day. Many of them were victim of rape – sexual harassment. Sometimes they were hardly beaten to death. At a very small age they tolerate many intolerant things which can never imagine by any of us.

” S-Strong


E-Energetic “

She is Silent doesn’t mean she is Weak, she is more capable amongst all live Human beings. But it doesn’t mean she’ll tolerate everything, she has to start protesting. Get ready to fight for herself. Because this world is very Crucial if u don’t respond they will suppressed you.

Safety of Girls became a major concern worldwide. All has to take necessary steps to protect her and her rights. Rules regulations n laws should be more strict. None should be ran away by committing crime- everyone should be punishable who was accuse.

Girls has to start payback , has to become mentally strong. Trust is good but blind trust gonna finish you. Think twice or thrice before making any decision or consult with your well-wisher regarding your situation. Nothing is impossible if you wish.

Everyone has to given an equal opportunity. There should be no difference between boy-girl. We should accept both and share love in the World instead of Hate.

At last want to suggest one phrase to Girls,

“TIT For TAT”.

21 thoughts on “SHE:- Synonym of Sacrifice

  1. Yeah that’s the main problem of our continent, there’s seems inequalities in differ areas whereas this situation also exist in European – American countries too but they are give equal importance to both man as well as women since a long ago, they make no differences between men-women and believer of Growing Economy with development of Each other.

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  2. I appreciate the fact that you respect women! Now a days, it is difficult to find a man who truly respects women! You are right about sexual harassment on women. I shudder to think that we live with such monsters. And a rapist or an abuser is only given 25 years of imprisonment in our country. Strange!


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